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Georgia Brough is an emerging writer and freelance literary critic based in Melbourne, Australia. Her writing has been published in ArtsHub, Books + Publishing, Kill Your Darlings and Readings Monthly. By day, she's a bookseller. By night, she's attempting to grow tomatoes, make sourdough from scratch, and, naturally, write a novel.



What am I reading?

Books + Publishing: New Animal by Ella Baxter

Books + Publishing: Lucky's by Andrew Pippos

Kill Your Darlings: Loner by Georgina Young

Books + Publishing: Poly by Paul Dalgarno

Kill Your Darlings: Torched by Kimberley Starr

Books + Publishing: Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason

Books + Publishing: Desire Lines by Felicity Volk


Published work

Not just a pretty face.


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